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Our Founder


Born on : 31st January 1673

Ordained Priest on : 5th June 1700

Died on : 28th April 1716

Canonized on : 20th April 1947

A man of God : Totally and radically committed to Jesus, his Master; with a filial, tender devotion to Mary, his Mother.

A Visionary : Worked in Western France inviting people for a change of heart. He had the conviction that proper education from early age alone can change his horizon and had the courage to start village schools for the youth in a class ridden prerevolutionary France.

A Founder : He founded a congregation of Priests for preaching the good news, Brothers – for education of youth, Sisters – to care of the sick and the Downtrodden.

A Poet and Artist : Possessed a beautiful handwriting, excelled in Drawing, painting and carving–wrote exquisite verses.