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A Library may be called the brain of a School. It is a store house of knowledge and caters to the needs of all kinds of Scholars. A little Library growing larger every year is an honorable part of man’s possession. A Library is not a luxury but it is one of the necessities of a full life.

Montfort Hr Sec School library has a collection of 5,000 books and 15 journals. The spacious reading room with its atmosphere of peace and quietness is an invitation to staff and students to enrich themselves by seeking information, knowledge and wisdom. The library offers reference books, novels, Question and Answer Banks etc.

Library usage is compulsory for every student. Its footfall is regularly monitored and the individual student record is taken care of by the library staff. Library books are issued on production of identity and library cards. Great care should be taken not to delay the return of books beyond the due date. Fines are levied for delayed return of books. Library has awards for Best Library User.